Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Budapest Summer 2014
Today marks fourteen years that I've been married to this wonderful man. He is my best friend and takes such good care of our family. He is a hard worker, loves me, loves his kids, and loves Christ.

I'm thankful for him and our sweet family. Even though today is a special day, my husband is working out of town. This year we won't spend our anniversary together or celebrate my birthday together in two days. It breaks my heart because I do miss him. But his job takes him away for weeks or months at a time.

But God.

The Lord is so good. I could wallow in a bag of gummy bears and cry but I choose to be thankful. I choose to rejoice. I choose to fix my eyes and heart on the Lord. He has taught me over the years that He is faithful and will always be faithful. He has taught me to rest in Christ. He has taught me that He is in control of all things. He has taught me to cling to Him. He has shown me His kindness, mercy, and love which I don't deserve. He has taught me that He is better than anything this world has to offer. I am joyful because my hope is in my Saviour.

Am I sad? Of course. Something would be wrong with me if I wasn't. But I am full of joy and that only comes from the Lord and abiding in His precious word. I love and adore my husband but I love and adore my Saviour more.

He is my joy and praise. I desire to please Him in everything.  Do I do it perfectly? Uh, no, but I'm pressing on to be more and more like my Saviour.

May my life be a sweet aroma to those around me so they ask about the hope that is in me.

So to my husband. I love you and thanks for being my best friend.  To my Saviour, continue to teach me to walk in a manner worthy so I never forget that you are my first love.


  1. Aw, so sweet! Happy anniversary!!! I'm sorry you aren't able to spend it together, but hopefully you can do something special when he gets home to celebrate. :)

  2. Happy anniversary and birthday! You are a sweet, treasured sister. I hope you get a good celebration when T gets home!! Love you!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you two didn't get to be together to celebrate this week! I'm glad that God gave you such a great husband to do life with. :)

    Happy Anniversary and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (since that's today and all)!!!! :)