Hi! I’m Ladonna. I’m a wife and mum to three kiddos who are pretty cute. I like to write and have a well-sharpened pencil and notebook close to my side. You never know when inspiration will hit. I love the smell of rain. Autumn leaves. Tea. Gummy Bears. Art. Good music. Different countries. Time with my family. Football. Track and Field. Good food. Fast cars. Life. And Christ.

I grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. My mum left Jamaica and instead of staying in the big city of Toronto, she moved to one of the smaller cities in Canada. My mum nicknamed me Penny(it’s a Jamaican thing and would take too long to explain) and I thought it was my legal name until third grade. I was a bit surprised to find out the truth. Thankfully, it didn’t scar me too much or maybe it did and I’m in denial.

I love to enjoy things in the moment. Those tiny things in life are what we remember the most. A hug from your husband. A smile from your child. A tiny hand in yours. The smell of coffee. Wait. Scratch the smell of coffe. The smell of tea. Raindrops on your skin. Sandy toes and salty kisses. I don’t want to forget them even the not so fun ones moments because they are all perfect gifts that come from the Lord. 

So what is this blog about. It is a way for me to write and to encourage others to fix their eyes on the Lord. We all need encouragement. We can’t forget who are first love is and that He is better than anything this world will ever have to offer.

This blog is to remind us to walk humbly with the Lord until He takes us home.

I love meeting people and hearing what they have to say. I’ve travelled all over the world, competed in two Olympics, and met some fun people.

Out of all the places I've been to, the best place will always be at the foot of the cross. 

We all have a testimony. And we just need to remember one thing.

It’s written by the Saviour, and lived by us for His glory.

I hope you enjoy!

Ladonna Watkins


  1. I absolutely love your heart behind this blog! & thank you so much for all your sweet comments. I was having a hard time finding your email and you are showing up as a no reply blogger:(


  2. Hmm... I'm still new at this so I'll try to figure it out. :( THanks for letting me know. Mariel Colins.

  3. Oh I definitely understand:) If you just put your email somewhere such as at the bottom of this page it'll work great:)

  4. I loved reading your story! And you're the first person I've ever heard relate to loving the smell of tea! It's one of my favorites too. :)

  5. Loved reading this. How fascinating about the name thing! Are you ever called Penny now?

  6. LOVE your title- "Learning to never forget my first love". What a sweet reminder that He is our first love and to walk through life with that in mind. I found your blog through Sarah, Life With The Casterlines, and look forward to exploring and reading your blog more!