Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Resting in the Lord

Last night was hard and nothing bad happened. My husband had to go back to work. He flew in for the weekend and we enjoyed our time together.

I have to admit it gets harder each time he leaves. My heart ached as we drove to the airport and the the girls got a bit quieter too. He tries to make the issue light but I know it crushes him every time he has to leave. It saddens him that he misses the little things such as the laughter in the morning, the pitter patter of feet stomping on the floors, the touch of your wife holding your hand, driving in the car together to get groceries.

He sees the kids getting bigger and changing. It's hard.

On  the way down to the airport, I just started to thank the Lord for His goodness and mercy. Even though it is difficult, I must keep my eyes fixed on eternal things and the truth of His word. I remind the girls how faithful our Lord is to provide daddy with a job. It isn't the norm but that is what God has given us and we have to trust Him. 

God is good.

When he landed he told me they had a bit of a hairy landing. The pilot flew by the airport once, then gained altitude very steep and very fast. He tried it again and landed. He said, "God is so sovereign." He mentioned that there were some OMG when they were climbing at a 45 degree angle and he was revving the engines and the seats were creaking. He laughed, then said, "No atheists in foxholes."

I have to admit those things worry me and the Lord knows this. What if something happens to him when he is away? But my husband said it well, "God is in control."

I can rest in His sovereignty. So even though we miss him, I'm glad I can trust my Savior each day. He is always good and teaching me to cling to Him so I can grow in His likeness. 

Let our soul find rest in God alone. 


  1. How hard that he has to be gone so much but you're so right, God is in control.

    1. It is but I'm reminded that He is in control all the time.

  2. That's got to be so hard on all of you. But yes, He is faithful. So faithful.

    1. He is and Lord willing it will end soon.