Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Favourites

This is where I would love to be. With a pencil in my hand and notebook so I could write. There is something special about fall. The cool air, the smell of the leaves, the scent of warm cider, and the autumn spices that linger in a coffee shop.

I love this season but living in southern California you don’t get that fally feel. Instead, it’s in the nineties and the palm trees don’t seem to take on the same beauty as maple leaves changing. But you can find some places where the leaves are raining down golden colours that make my heart happy.

So here are some of my favourite (Yes, I’m a Canadian exiled to California J)  things about fall:
·         Soft scarves
·         Apple cider with whipped cream on top.
·         Running
·         Banana Bread
·         I hate coffee so I’ll take the candy. I prefer Gummy Bears but I guess that isn’t a fall thing.
·         When it is cool outside, I love the scent of the leaves and rain.
·         Canadian and American Thanksgiving.

·         It’s hot here. 

And as I always remind myself the best place to be is at the foot of the cross. 


  1. <3 I love fall SO MUCH! I just wish fall wasn't so rainy here. :-)

  2. Gummy bears! I'm not a huge candy person, either, but gummy candies are MY thing. :) And running, banana bread, and soft scarves are, too. I love that we have so many things in common!

    Thanks for joining us!

  3. Are Canadian thanksgivings any different from our American ones?! :) happy fall!

    1. No, not really but i do miss it from time to time. Well, we do celebrate it on Monday but most people eat on Sunday.