Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Love & Loyalty

Our bible study is going through the book of Jude. We finished 1 & 2 Peter and it is so rich with great truths.

Steve Lawson wrote a quote that made a huge impact on me.

"The deeper we dig into the word, the higher we will rise in worship and the longer we will preserve in trials."

I thought this is so true. As our bible study is going through Peter and Jude, we are learning about the false teachers, that we are called, we need to preserve in trials, we need to stand firm for truth, His word is all we need, He will judge the wicked, He will come again, and we could continue with the great truths in these books.

The more I thought of these things the more I saw I don't dig into His word enough. The world is getting darker or maybe sin and evil is more blatant. I have to admit the things I see on the news are a tad scary. Yikes! But I also know the Lord is in control.

We need to know God's word and give a defense to those around why we believe what we believe. We need to give people the truth of Scripture because there are so many lies that people want to believe.

Where am I going? There is so much pressing on my heart but this I know for sure and I hope it will encourage you too.

As we dig deeper into His word, may our love and loyalty to Christ be evident to those around us. I pray that it is our desire to grow in wisdom and knowledge of our Lord and may our joy always reside in Him.

How about you? Are you being loyal to the Lord or to the world? You can't have both.

Let us stand firm for truth and not waver because our King is coming.


  1. I'm currently reading Trip Lee's book "Rise" (it just released) and he's basically been talking about the same thing!!! It's been super challenging, eye opening, and a great read! I love gleaning wisdom from other saints. :)

  2. I will have to check out that book. Yes, it is great that we can encourage each other to press on.

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