Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hospitality as defined by Dictionary.com is: the friendly reception and treatment of strangers or guests. 

When I think of hospitality, my thoughts drift to a home and food looking like a photo from Pinterest or Instagram. Everything on the table is perfect and the sun's rays capture the orange tulips on the table just so. The tablecloths are perfect without messy little fingerprints making their marks on them. The food looks so good that you want to stick your hand through the screen and grab a drumstick or two. And maybe the cookie. ;)

But God's idea is different from my idea. Who doesn't want a clean house when someone comes over? Oh, the shame if they see a crooked place mat or dishes in the sink or mouth prints on the stainless steel appliances that let people know children live here. 

I love God's idea better. If you look at 1 Peter, he was telling the fellow believer to show love to strangers or be hospitable to those they didn't know. This is so easy to do when we know the people and invite them into our home. It can be hard when they are strangers or neighbors we don't know well, they go to a different church, or they look and smell different from us.

Those things shouldn't matter. The Lord placed a neighbor on my heart a few days ago. And I do think she is having some problems. I wrote her a note to say that the Lord has put her on my heart and that I am praying for her. She sent me a text telling me thanks for the note. She finally opened up a little that she is having a tough time right now. 

Ladies, the clean house (which is good since I'm sort of a semi neat freak) isn't that important, the perfect house isn't that important or the size isn't that important. What is important, what will always be important is to show the love of Christ to those in the faith, and to those you aren't saved. 

Let those who fear the Lord and those who don't fear Him know what He has done for your soul. It is about encouraging the body of Christ and it is about pointing those who don't know the Lord to the only one that can save. 

When someone comes to your home they should feel loved. When someone is sharing with you, put the phone down and look them straight in the eye. When someone is sad, put your arm around them and let them know you care. We rejoice with those who rejoice and we weep with those who weep. 

By praying, encouraging, and serving the body of Christ and family or friends who don't know Christ, we are showing hospitality. We are showing them the Saviour. 

May those around you see that joy that is in you. May you remember it isn't about you but it is about Christ. May you remind others that He is your joy and your God. And may you remember to show hospitality without grumbling or complaining. Others may not see your heart but God does.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. 1 Peter 4:9


  1. Such a great reminder, Ladonna! I hope you and your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    1. The same to you. And I need that reminder every day too.

  2. I love thinking about Godly hospitality especially during the holiday season!

    1. I agree. I hope you and the baby are doing well.

  3. Godly hospitality is something that we all need to remember! :) It is so easy for me to open my home, but it takes God's strength for me to do it in a way that honors Him! I loved these lines that you shared, "May those around you see that joy that is in you. May you remember it isn't about you but it is about Christ. May you remind others that He is your joy and your God. "


    1. Me too. It does take His strength to do it well.