Tuesday, March 17, 2015


What brings us joy? Is it getting a job? Finding a husband? Having children? Eating a great meal? Talking to a loved one?
And we are writing these things so that your joy may be complete. 1 John 1:4

These are all good things and they can bring us joy and pleasure. 

For a believer, though, there is a joy that is rooted not in what is seen but the unseen. It is rooted in Christ.

The epistle and the other books of the bible should produce joy in our hearts. Not a superficial joy that comes and goes depending on the circumstances but a joy that is anchored in the truth of the gospel, anchored in the truth of who God is and His wonderful works. 

This joy can only come from the Father and believing in His Son Jesus Christ. Our fellowship with the Father produces joy in us that shows our loyalty to Him. Our love for His Son produces a joy in us that reminds us of our salvation. Our love for His word produces a joy in us that is unshakable. 

Others should see this joy shine on our faces. 

When we walk in the light, we will see that in the midst of the storm, even when it is difficult, we should have feelings of sweet joyfulness down in the depths of our souls. To know that we are kept by God and belong to Him, that He loves us, and the He is our helper will be our delight in the midst of our troubles. 

Of course, doubts and fears are mixed in with our joy, but if we remember that God is our refuge and strength we will persevere. When we hide ourselves in His word, He gives us he ability to move forward. When we trust Him, His word eases the pain and discomfort of the trial because it points us to Him and He will let the doubts and fears disappear.

Let us be women that walk in obedience and know our joy doesn’t reside in things or people but our joy always resides with Christ. 

He is the delight of our heart. 


  1. The joy of the Lord truly is our strength!

  2. I love how you remind us that others should see our joy. Have I shown my joy or is it hidden? I need to think this!

    1. I know it is so true and something I still need to work on.

  3. You know...I don't think I've ever thought of that verse from 1 John slowly like this post forced me to.

    He is soooo good to provide us with His presence and make a way for us to really and truly enjoy Him!